Encikol AH

Encikol AH

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The superior multi-action, multi-functional disinfectant for aqua health, hygiene and sanitatio

ENCIKOL-AH is a multi-functional, multi-action disinfectant for use in aqua for the maintenance of health, hygiene, sanitation and prevention of diseases in shrimps and prawns. 

ENCIKOL-AH is the only disinfectant which is effective against a broad range of micro-organisms including fungus and virus as compared to other commonly used disinfectants. 

ENCIKOL-AH is recommended for regular usage in aquaculture. 

ENCIKOL-AH is very fast acting and is totally cidal in its action and hence there is no chance of the organisms developing resistance. 


ENCIKOL-AH  is made up of a highly balanced complex composition containing mono and dialdehydes  besides specially chosen quaternary ammonium compounds together with relevant ingredients in an aqueous base. 


  • Gives best results on regular usage
  • Is harmless to shrimps and prawns at user dilutions
  • Cuts disinfection costs by half 
  • Very fast acting
  • Totally safe for handling and use at user dilutions. 
  • Effective even in hard water and in presence of organic matter
  • Broad spectrum of activity against, bacteria, fungus and virus
  • Highly stable 
  • Avoids development of resistance due to multi ingredients system
  • Regular usage of ENCIKOL-AH ensures lowering of microbial load
  • Helps shrimps and prawns to overcome moulting difficulties